How to hack Windows 10 password without software?

🔥 In this method you will be required to have an installation disk which can be a USB or CD/DVD, either will work. An installation disk is Windows bootable disk. With this Windows installation disk, you can reset password for any user whether it be a local or administrator user. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Restart your computer while the installation disk is inserted.

Step 2: If you are using a CD/DVD as an installation disk, then set your PC to boot from CD/DVD in your BIOS settings, or if you are using a USB drive as an installation disk, then set your PC to boot from USB.

Step 3: Now again restart your computer and boot into to Windows 10 installation setup.

Step 4: Now you have to open command prompt. To do so, press “Shift” + “F10”.

Step 5: Enter following commands: D: cd Windows\System32 ren sethc.exe sethc.exe.bak copy cmd.exe sethc.exe 

Note: “D:” is the disk drive where your Windows is installed. If you have installed Windows in another drive you can change the letter.

Step 6: Close the command prompt. Cancel the Windows installation setup. Restart your PC without inserting installation disk.

Step 7: On your Login screen, press Shift Key 5 times. Command prompt with administrative rights will open.

Step 8: Here you can change the password for your user account. Type net user to list down all the user accounts. Now to change password, type er net user_name new_password. In this case user_name is specific user account.! type commands to hack windows 10 password without software

Step 9: Now you can login to Windows 10 with the new password you set for the user 

Enjoy 👍🔥

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