How to Bypass or Unblock Blocked sites

 🔰How to Bypass or Unblock Blocked sites🔰

🌀Today everyone of us is a part of any college,office or any organization.

🌀Everywhere we find free open wifi’s , but the major problem with these are there are many websites which are blocked by the servers of college,ofiice or any organization.

🌀There are different type of securities that are implemented in these server to block some sites like Facebook ,Twitter etc.

🌀So In this post i’ll tell you easy and permanent method to access or bypass blocked sites 

💢 Steps To Bypass Blocked Sites-

 1. Connect your pc or laptop with wifi or your broadband connection in which you want to access blocked websites.

 2. Open command prompt by clicking start and the typing “cmd” and then pressing enter.

 4. 3. Now a command prompt window will appear.

 5. Type ping Websitename (for exp: ping and press enter.

 6. Now open your browser and enter the site which you had recently ping.

 7.You will see the site will get opens

● This is very simple method to easily access blocked sites.